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Harry and Meghan’s colourful Heritage Day celebrations in Bo-Kaap

The citizens of Bo-Kaap welcomed two royal on Heritage Day when the Meghan and Harry celebrated the South African public holiday with locals.

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Heritage Day is a public holiday in South Africa and is celebrated every year on September 24. Heritage Day is, as the name indicates, a day when people concentrate on the importance of South Africa’s cultural heritage. The day was celebrated for the first time on September 24, 1995 – The day is a celebration of the variety in the country, as Archbishop Desmond Tutu used the term “rainbow nation”

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Meghan and Harry started off visiting a 225-year-old Cape Town mosque, where Meghan followed custom and draped a flowing headscarf over her hair.

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Meghan and Harry were welcomed by Imam Sheikh Ismail Londt and Muslim community leader Mohamed Groenwald.

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The Auwal Mosque is the first, and therefore oldest, mosque in South Africa, and remains a symbol of the recognition of Islam and for the freedom of former slaves to worship as Muslims.

The couple’s stop at the 225-year-old mosque included a viewing of the first known manuscript of the Quran in South Africa.

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They spent some time inside the mosque hearing about its story

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Meghan got along with a sweet little girl who whispered something in her ear

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A video from the visit:

After the visit, Meghan traded in her headscarf for a pink flower that was presented to her by one of the children she and Harry met while walking down Chippiani Street.

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Meghan and Harry were met by musical and cultural performances while touring the neighborhood. Along the way, both Meghan and Harry stopped to hug fans who waited to greet them in the streets.

The Bo-Kaap is known for its brightly colored homes and cobble stoned streets. The area is traditionally a multicultural neighborhood, and 56.9% of its population identify as Muslim.

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More info:

“The hyper-colourful Bo-Kaap neighbourhood in Cape Town, South Africa, is a fascinating corner on planet Earth. The name is an abbreviation of ‘boven Kaap’ or ‘above the cape’. So unsurprisingly, you’ll find the neighbourhood upward from the city centre, on the slopes of Signal Hill! The Bo-Kaap used to go by the name of ‘Malay Quarter’, and the unique style of houses is still vibrant as ever. By the way, did you know the area is one of the most photographed sites in Cape Town? Locals told me that the Bo-Kaap is a favourite location for film shoots due to its ‘romantic’ and picturesque character.”

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Meghan and Harry meeting wellwishers:

She was giftes with flowers from a little girl

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After the walkabout Meghan and Harry dropped into the home of a local resident, Shamielah Samsodian and her family, who hosted them for tea at a table piled high with local delicacies.

Before heading inside Meghan was gifted a book for Archie by a little girl

Inside Meghan and Harry were welcomed with dessert

Meghan was very surprised when one woman took the opportunity to let Meghan know she’s a big fan of “Suits”.

From HarperBazaar:

“”It was a very relaxed conversation, [Harry and Meghan are] very informal, which made it nice and easy for us in the house. It didn’t feel like having royalty in the house, they’re very down to earth, they were so lovely,” Samodien told “One of the ladies told Meghan they had been watching her on her TV show [Suits] and she was surprised to hear about that. She said she was happy that they enjoyed it.””

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Meghan also spoke about her and Harry’s newfound role as parents. “Our plate is full with a five-month-old at the moment,” Meghan told the locals. “It’s so busy!”

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Local Nazli Ebross Fakier revealed that Harry and Meghan told her Archie loves to sleep on Harry’s chest.

For her second of the day, Meghen opted for a Staud Millie dress

During their visit to the Mosque Meghan wore a Cuyana Light Cashmere Scarf on her head.

Her flats were the Sam Edelman Sally flats

Stay tuned for Meghan and Harry’s visit to a reception at the British High Commissioner’s Residence!


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