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Meghan Markle’s IKEA Furniture

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Just wanted to pop by to give you a random fact I don’t think you knew about our duchess; Meghan is (like myself) a huge fan of IKEA and its furniture! There have been multiple sightings of her in IKEA over the years especially when she lived in Toronto and years before she met Harry!

A picture of Meghan furniture shopping in IKEA Toronto:

Meghan Markle IKEA

She also shared the following picture on her now-shut-down Instagram profile after a visit to IKEA in Toronto:

Meghan Markle Ikea Toronto
Credit: Meghan Markle Instagram

I personally love IKEA soo much! The furniture tends to be relatively affordable compared to similar offerings. It is contemporary and minimalist, which is quite popular these days. The designs are also very generic, so they fit well together no matter what combination of furnishings you choose. It is also easy to assemble and/or install.

Meghan has shared various finds from her homes over the years, especially while living in Toronto. Let’s have a look at some of the pieces:

IKEA’s low-priced ‘Tarva’ bed frame was seen in Meghan’s guest room in Toronto. The bed is described as “a modern example of Scandinavian furniture tradition – a simple design and untreated wood. A timeless expression mixes nicely with a variety of other styles and furniture.”

Meghan Markle Ikea bed

Back in June 2016, Meghan posted a photo captioned “Bedtime stories” to her Instagram. Spotted on the picture was this IKEA Barometer Work Lamp. It is described as: “Brass-coloured work lamp in metal that shines from head to toe. A perfect choice for those who like a classic style and want to be able to direct the light where they like when working or reading.

Meghan Markle Furniture

Last but not least: The IKEA Rens Sheepskin. Meghan loves her sheepskins, either draped across a chair back or a cozy spot for your toes. The Piece is described as “soil-repellent and durable.”

Meghan Furniture

What are IKEA’s best products in your opinion?


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