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Meghan Attends Meeting to Discuss Higher Education in the Commonwealth!

Meghan attended a meeting held at King’s College for the ACU (Association of Commonwealth Universities) with educators, academic leaders, and students. They discussed how colleges and universities can address and tackle real-world issues including human trafficking, gender equality, and climate change.

Meghan Markle King's College Association of Commonwealth Universities
Credit: Kensington Palace

Meghan’s appearance today at the meeting was not published ahead of time as normal. The news broke out when ACU tweeted:

The ACU said the event was “an opportunity to explore how higher education can help build a better world.”

Today’s event aligns with her work, as Meghan and Prince Harry are Commonwealth Youth Ambassadors, and follows Meghan’s speech to students at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji during their tour in October. Meghan spoke at the time of her struggle to finance her higher education and her ‘personal feeling of pride and excitement when she studied for her degree. She also described the education of women and girls in developing countries as ‘vital’, and called higher education’s impact ‘incredible, impactful and pivotal’.

The attendees had some very nice things to say following the meeting.

We didn’t see much of Meghan’s outfit today but what we did manage to identify was:

She wore the Artizia Wilfred Cocoon Coat in ‘petale’

Meghan Markle Artizia Wilfred Cocoon Coat in 'petale'

And the Hugo Boss Filonka Short-Sleeve Sweater

Meghan Markle And the Hugo Boss Filonka Short-Sleeve Sweater

A very nice surprise!

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