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Meghan and Harry visit South Melbourne beach

An amazing day in Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without a tram ride – so the Harry and Meghan jumped aboard one bound for South Melbourne Beach with Albert Park Primary School pupils.

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They met with local volunteers and school children who pick up rubbish to keep Melbourne’s beaches clean. Vice president Ross Headifen said Harry told them about his own experience picking up plastic along beaches with his father Charles when he was little.

A girl names Zoe Cartlidge told the couple about her concerns about micro-plastics, telling them “The fish eat the plastics and we eat the fish, which is dangerous.”

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Meghan and Harry then made their way to the beach to hear about the efforts to keep Port Phillip Bay beaches and foreshores clear of litter to reduce the negative impact on the marine environment.

Credit: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Meghan then toured the area to meet the crowd waiting for them

Credit: Robyn Charnley / Alamy Stock Photo

Rebecca English shared that Meghan was asked about names for the baby during her talk with the crowd

Meghan was also giftes a book for Archie

Credit: Robyn Charnley / Alamy Stock Photo

Meghan and Harry traveled back to Sydney afterwards.

Meghan had a quick outfit change before the last engagement of the day!

She changed the navy blue Dion Lee dress to the Club Monaco Miguellina Dress

She also changes the heels to a pair of Rothy’s Black Solid Flats.

Tomorrow they’ll be back in Sydney for a day of engagaments:

  • They will kick of the day with a visit to Bondi Beach to meet with OneWave, a local surfing group that raises awareness on mental health.
  • Later they will participate in a youth advocate program to discuss social justice and youth empowerment.
  • Harry will go solo afterwards to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge to raise the Invictus Flab ahead of the annual Games. He’ll most likely be accompanied by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and various competitors.

See you tomorrow J

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