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Meghan and Harry hits Melbourne!

The royal couple’s third day on tour in Australia kicked off by jetting to Melbourne where they stepped off the plane in Melbourne about 10.45am. They were met by a crowd of adoring locals, bearing gifts, flowers, and homemade signs for the royal couple.

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19-year-old university student India Brown has been a massive fan of Harry for years – after hours of waiting, Harry spotted her handwritten sign in the crowd and went to her for a chat. However, she could not resist asking him a cheeky question – even though she thought it was against royal protocol. She simply asked him for a hug, and, to her complete shock, he agreed, making her bust into tears.

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Speaking to reporters afterwards, India said: “It was just such an opportunity, and I just went for it. I didn’t expect it to happen because it’s actually against protocol” continuing “He reciprocated the hug too. It was awesome. He just said: ‘You are going to get me into trouble.

Everything he stands for is amazing. I’ve loved that family since I was eight and I’ve followed them around the world.”

That same morning a 6-year-old boy begged his mum to let him stay home from school. His name was Gavin Hazelwood and he was eager to meet Meghan and Harry as they spent a day in his hometown. Her mom agreed and hurried to make Meghan a very special gift. He dipped pasta in gold paint and threaded it through some blue ribbon. Then he made a sign that read, simply: “I made you a necklace.”

After waiting patiently for hours, Gavin met Meghan, handed over the necklace, and watched as she put it on.

Meghan and Harry were warmly welcomed by Governor Linda Dessau and her husband Anthony Howard. They had a small walk to the Government House for a reception.

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One of the attendees shared his invitation to the reception

Credit: Australia India Institute

The reception was attended by young Victorian leaders and community members, including the Hunter Johnson, founder of The Man Cave mental health initiative.

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Harry greeting Jacob Thomas who attended the event in his capacity as part of the Commonwealth Youth Gender and Equality Network – a cause close to Meghan’s heart.

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Meghan cuddled a dog

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The Government House is located in Kings Domain, Melbourne, next to the Royal Botanic Gardens, and is the official residence of the Governor of Victoria (currently Linda Dessau.) The house opened for the public back in 1876 and was designed by civil engineer and architect William Wardell. The main building consists of the south wing with its extravagant single-storey State Ballroom, a grand staircase hall entrance to the three-storey Staterooms, and two storey vice-regal apartments to the north. Rising from the building is a 145-foot belvedere tower. The mews – a paved area surrounded on three sides by stables, coach houses, and staff living quarters is nearby.

Meghan and Harry signed the visitors’ book:

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Before having a small walk to the gardens of the Government House …

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… to watch a demonstration of various sporting activities in the grounds of Government House, with ambassadors from the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign.

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“We want all women – no matter how sweaty they get, how red their face is or how good they are – to feel comfortable about getting out there and giving physical activity a go. That’s what This Girl Can – Victoria is all about.”

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Meghan was handed an AFL football and showed how to handball it which she did successfully.

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Meghan and Harry also met with students who’d been taking part in the Formula 1 in Schools program. They couldn’t help but take part by racing some miniature cars themselves, with hilarious results.

Watch the clip below

HarperBazaar reports:

“Meghan was given a bit of a shock during the visit when some of the equipment made a much louder noise than she expected. In the video, Meghan can be seen pressing a button which sets off a chain of events, appearing to blow some smoke in her direction, and making a loud noise that catches her by complete surprise.

In the cutest reaction videos ever, Meghan can be seen giggling after the unexpected bang, and Sydney-based journalist, Alexander Britton, revealed that the Duke and Duchess got “a bit of a shock while racing miniature F1 cars in Melbourne.”

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Meghan and Harry were gifted a photo of the incredible artwork gracing the Fyansford silos. The work was created by Geelong’s own Rone, an internationally renowned street artist.

Next, Harry and Meghan paid a visit to social enterprise restaurant Charcoal Lane for lunch. The restaurant is located in Melbourne’s Fitzroy neighborhood and aims to train Indigenous youth in the cooking and hospitality industries via a Mission Australia. Meghan and Harry’s meal was prepared by the young chefs.

Upon arrival they were shown a mural by artist Robert Young.

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Before the couple had lunch, they took a tour in the kitchen and met with executive chef Greg Hampton for a “touch, taste and smell” experience of local ingredients. Greg offered them some native herbs and spices to test out.

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Emily tweeted a picture showing us some “of the indigenous ingredients Meghan and Harry were introduced to”

Then it was time for the couple to have something to eat! They dined from a menu that included mushroom and quinoa, saffron risotto, kangaroo, wild boar, and barramundi.

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Meghan’s first outfit of the day was a very elegant navy dress by Australian designer Dion Lee. The dress was created especially for Meghan after the designer was told by her stylist that Meghan had liked (but not bought) one of his other dresses.

She styled it with her Manolo Blahnik BB pumps in navy

She wore the same coat she wore the first day of the tour in Sydney by Australian designer Martin Grant.

She caried the Gucci Sylvie mini chain-embellished leather shoulder bag

And accessorized it with her Shaun Leane Diamond Tusk Bangle.

Next, Harry and Meghan will travel on a Melbourne tram to South Melbourne beach.

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