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Meghan and Harry Bid Farewell to Fiji

After a relaxing night free for engagements, Meghan and Harry started off a full day early at Nadi in western Fiji to debut the Labalaba Statue before they leave for Tonga from Nadi Airport.

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A video from the arrival

Many people were waiting for the couple to arrive

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Meghan and Harry were greeted with an official ceremony, where the President of Fiji, Major General Jioji Konrote, gave a short speech thanking the couple for their visit to the Pacific Island nation.

He said: “Thank you for coming to Fiji and gracing us with your much welcome but very short visit. It’s good to know that you promise to come back. May Almighty God be with you now and in the future.”

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They watched a performance, and Harry had a cup of the national drink, Kava, which is made from the roots of the pepper plant and has the appearance of muddy water.

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Harry also gave a speech, greeting the audience with the traditional ‘Bula!’

‘Thank you to the people of Fiji for the warm welcome we have received during our visit. The Duchess and I are leaving with special memories of your beautiful country and look forward to returning in the future,’ he said.

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They enjoyed a performance

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Meghan and Harry then walked down the red carpet, to unveil the statue of Sergeant Talaiasi Labalaba, a British-Fijian soldier who died heroically in battle, which had been covered with a blue piece of velvet. Harry pulled it off and posed for photographs.

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More from Dailymail:

“Sergeant Talaiasi Labalaba, a Fijian member of the elite British Special Air Service (SAS), single-handedly held off 250 attackers from taking an army base 46-years-ago.
Labalaba, renowned as one of the SAS’s greatest heroes, gave his life in an epic struggle to defend his fellow soldiers at the Battle of Mirbat, in what is now Yemen, in 1972.
Labalaba and eight fellow SAS soldiers were stationed at a British Army training team house just outside the port of Mirbat in Oman.

For a year the crack unit had been on a secret assignment, codenamed Operation Jaguar, to protect the Sultan of Oman from an insurgent force, the People’s Front for the Liberation of the Occupied Arab Gulf.
On the morning of July 19, 1972, 250 of the Front’s best fighters stormed the port in a surprise attack that left the nine SAS men pinned down inside their fort.
Labalaba, 30, knew that without heavier fire power, the unit faced almost certain annihilation. In a daring break, he sprinted across an exposed 800 yard stretch to reach a 25-pound field gun.
The gun usually required three men to operate it, and by the time he reached it Labalaba was soaked in blood from a bullet wound to his jaw.”

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Meghan and Harry spent their last time in the country on the paradise isle of Vatuvara together. From their official website: “Vatuvara Private Islands (VPI) offers conscientious luxury to the discerning traveler, with an exclusive experience in the Northern Lau Group of Fiji – described by Forbes Magazine as “one of the world’s most beautiful places.”

Kaibu Island is home to the Vatuvara Private Islands Resort, with three all-inclusive private Villas on 800 acres.”

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Meghan and Harry bid farewell to Fiji and boarded a flight to the nearby Pacific Island nation of Tonga

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For her last engagement in Fiji, Meghan stunned in a green Jason Wu Crepe Sheath Dress

And her navy Manolo Blahnik BB pumps.

She accezorized it with the Pippa Small’s Omeen & Oshna and Omeen bangles, and a pair of Pippa Small Peepal Leaf earrings from their 2015 collection.

See you Tonga!

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