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Meghan 2021 Roundup

What a 2021 it’s been for both Meghan and Harry! From the picture that announced Meghan’s pregnancy to the Oprah interview to their New York Tours  – here are the most memorable Meghan moments of 2021!

Archewell is here!

Harry and Meghan began the year 2021 by launching their new website for their nonprofit origination. The website was launched with an open letter that reflected the themes that govern their lives and include their work.

Meghan & Harry marked Black month History 2021!

In February, Meghan and Harry joined a class held by Get Lit, a nonprofit that empowers young people and promotes literacy through poetry, to celebrate Black History Month. The news broke out when Get Lit shared a screenshot from Meghan and Harry’s appearance on Instagram, in which the poets in attendance look stunned as the Sussexes appeared on the screen. “Guess who surprised our poetry class this weekend?! It was the best weekend EVER!” the caption read.

Meghan Harry Get Lit

Poet Mason Granger, manager of public outreach at Get Lit, shared further insight into Meghan and Harry’s virtual visit saying:

Soooo Prince Harry and Meghan dropped into my poetry class on Saturday and kicked it with the Get Lit Players for a multitude of minutes. My favorite part of it all was Meghan echoing so many sentiments we’ve talked about in class, about this particular moment in time/history to be a young person and the ripple effect of a single voice. The root of them deciding to come is because at some point in their lives, they were moved by a poem. And whoever wrote that poem at some point thought to themselves, ‘Does this even matter? Is anyone even listening?’ And they shared it anyway. Fast forward ripple ripple ripple and these kids get a surprise 45-minute chat with the Prince Harry and Meghan. It was pretty surreal. My kids shared poems, they asked questions, the kids answered and asked questions back, they responded authentically (they actually read and learned the kids bios I’d sent earlier). The org and all the kids are posting today with more details about the visit—I just want to say that the Get Lit Players are brilliant and 10/10 would recommend The Duke and Duchess of Sussex for your next Zoom poetry practice

Meghan Harry Get lit

Meghan and Harry announce pregnancy!

Exactly 37 years after Diana announced she was pregnant with Harry – The Sussexes made a Valentine’s Day surprise this year announcing they were expecting their second child with some adorable pictures. A spokesperson for the Sussexes said:  “We can confirm that Archie is going to be a big brother. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are overjoyed to be expecting their second child.“

Meghan Harry Archie
Credit: Misan Harriman

The pictures were taken by Meghan and Harry’s longtime friend Misan Harriman. In fact, when Misan posted the picture to his own Instagram, he did so with a thoughtful, personal caption: “Meg, I was there at your wedding to witness this love story begin, and my friend, I am honoured to capture it grow,” he wrote. “Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on this joyous news!”

Misan told British Vogue that his portrayal of the Sussexes was ripe with symbolism: “With the tree of life behind them and the garden representing fertility, life and moving forward, they didn’t need any direction, because they are, and always have been, waltzing through life together as absolute soulmates,” he said.

Meghan Harry announce pregnancy
Credit: Misan Harriman

Meghan and Harry dropped in for a surprise appearance at the Spotify Stream On 2021!

Later that month, Meghan and Harry appeared on their couch in their home to talk about Archewell Audio, the production company they formed at the beginning of the year that will create podcasts exclusively on Spotify.
As the song “Electric Love” by Børns plays, Meghan said, “We’re using podcasting to drive powerful conversations…” Before Harry continued, “…that inspire, challenge and educate.”

Meghan said: “We created Archewell Audio to make sure that we can elevate voices that maybe aren’t being heard and hear people’s stories.!

Harry added, “And the biggest part of this is to create this community of where you can share, that will encourage everybody else to then share their own vulnerabilities within that safe space.”

Meghan Harry Spotify Stream On
Credit: Spotify Stream On

Prince Harry appeared on “The Late Late Show”

In late February this year, The Late Late Show aired a segment that showed us Harry and host James ride a double-decker bus and take part in an obstacle course. Our Duke was incredibly honest during their conversation, speaking about his decision to step back from his life as a senior royal and saying: ‘I will never walk away, I will always be contributing. My life is public service.’

At one point in the show, James and Harry FaceTimed Meghan. The moment went down when Harry stopped to use the bathroom at the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air home and James called Meghan trying to convince her that she and Harry should probably move into the house so she could be the Fresh Princess of Bel-Air.

In response, Meghan joked, “I think we’ve done enough moving,” before calling Harry “Haz,” to which James replied, “Haz? I didn’t know we were calling you Haz now.”.

Meghan Markle The Late Late show
Credit: The Late Late Show with James Corden

The episode also shows us Harry, talking warmly about Zoom calls with his grandparents and about how his grandmother – the queen – sent a waffle-maker at Christmas for Archie. Do yourself a favor and (re-)watch the delightful episode here!

Meghan and Harry with Oprah 2021!

A week and a half later, a two-hour interview that Meghan alone, and then the couple together, did with Oprah Winfrey, aired on CBS in prime time. In the days leading up to the interview, the palace’s publicity machine went into crazy offense mode, portraying Meghan as a bullying boss and superficial magpie who donned earrings gifted to her by Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi prince who had dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi killed in 2018, to a state dinner that same year. These — to my mind, blatant — attempts at damage control betrayed the palace’s fear of what Meghan might reveal in their much-anticipated conversation with Oprah. It was a fear that after the interview’s airing appeared to be because of the fear of the truth getting out in public.

Meghan alone, later joined by Harry, gave Oprah the kind of interview that’ll be talked about for years to come – addressing, among other things, the alleged lack of support Meghan got when she went to the palace with her persistent suicidal ideations; the denial of security protection for Archie; and the royals’ apparent prenatal concerns over the skin tone of Meghan and Harry’s unborn child.

The interview ended up being the most-watched television program of the year so far, with more than 12.4 million viewers tuning in to ITV.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Oprah Interview
Credit: ITV

The death of Prince Phillip

On the 9th of April, the sad news of Prince Phillip’s death was revealed. As expected, Harry returned to the United Kingdom to attend the funeral – but without Meghan. Meghan, who was pregnant at the time, was not cleared by her physician to travel.

Shortly after Philip’s death both Harry and Meghan paid tribute to him on the Archewell website.

“My grandfather was a man of service, honour and great humour. He was authentically himself, with a seriously sharp wit, and could hold the attention of any room due to his charm — and also because you never knew what he might say next,” Harry wrote in a statement provided to The Times.

“He will be remembered as the longest reigning consort to the Monarch, a decorated serviceman, a Prince and a Duke. But to me, like many of you who have lost a loved one or grandparent over the pain of this past year, he was my grandpa: master of the barbecue, legend of banter, and cheeky right ‘til the end.

He has been a rock for Her Majesty The Queen with unparalleled devotion, by her side for 73 years of marriage, and while I could go on, I know that right now he would say to all of us, beer in hand, ‘Oh do get on with it!’

So, on that note, Grandpa, thank you for your service, your dedication to Granny, and for always being yourself. You will be sorely missed, but always remembered — by the nation and the world. Meghan, Archie, and I (as well as your future great-granddaughter) will always hold a special place for you in our hearts”

Prince Harry Phillip Funeral
Credit: Pa Images

Meghan and Harry Campaign Chairs at “Vax Life” 2021

In May, Meghan and Harry served as campaign chairs of Global Citizen’s Vax Live 2021: The Concert to Reunite the World. While Harry attended in person, Meghan appeared for just a few minutes from her home in California.  

Meghan said:

As campaign chairs of VAX LIVE, my husband and I believe it’s critical that our recovery prioritizes the health, safety and success of everyone, and particularly women who have been disproportionately affected by this pandemic. Women, and especially women of color, have seen a generation of economic gain wiped out. Since the pandemic began, nearly 5.5 million women have lost work in the U.S., and 47 million more women around the world are expected to slip into extreme poverty.

Meghan Marklw Vax Live
Credit: Vax Life

Meghan continued:

My husband and I are thrilled to soon be welcoming a daughter. It’s a feeling of joy we share with millions of other families around the world. When we think of her, we think of all the other families around the globe who must be given the ability and support to lead us forward. Their future leadership depends on the decisions we make and the actions we take now to set them up and to set all of us up for a successful, equitable, and compassionate tomorrow.

Watch the whole speech below

Archie turned 2 years old!

Meghan and Harry marked Archie’s second birthday this year with an adorable picture of him holding some balloons, and a statement on their Archewell website urging donations for their latest cause, vaccine equity around the world. They said they are “deeply touched” by many of their fans’ previous donations to charities on behalf of their son. They said a donation of $5 can cover the cost of a dose for someone in need.

“We remain incredibly grateful,” the statement said. “We cannot think of a more resonant way to honor our son’s birthday. … Even a small contribution can have a ripple effect.”

Archie 2 years
Credit: Archewell

Harry guested “Armchair Expert Podcast”

In May, Harry spoke to Dax Shepherd and Monica Padman for 90 minutes on the podcast Armchair Expert. The discussion centered around mental health and Harry was very open about his personal struggles, seeking therapy, and his thoughts on his upbringing.

The conversation was mostly serious and covered many complex issues – but it also featured moments of humor and cheerfulness – such as when Harry told a story about meeting up with Meghan in the supermarket the first time, she came to stay with him. “We met up in a supermarket in London pretending as though we didn’t know each other, so texting each other from the other side of the aisle. There were people looking at me giving me all these weird looks and coming up and saying hi or whatever, and I was there texting saying is this the right one and she was saying no you want parchment paper. I’m like, OK, where’s the parchment paper?”

Harry then went on to compare these efforts to be incognito with being freer in his current life of Santa Barbara. “Living here now, I can actually lift my head and I feel different. My shoulders have dropped, so has hers, and you can walk around feeling a little bit more free. I get to take Archie on the back of my bicycle.”

You can hear the full episode here!

“The me you can’t see”

Harry’s mental health documentary series, which he co-created with Oprah Winfrey, was broadcast on streaming service Apple TV+ in May. In the five-episode series, Harry discussed his mental health struggles, therapy journey, and decision to leave the royal family for a new life with Meghan in California. He also spoke about the childhood trauma he suffered following the death of Princess Diana and how he turned to drink and drugs to help “mask” his grief. He blamed the Royal family of “total neglect” in allegedly not acting to help him and Meghan when they were struggling with life in the limelight. He also spoke about how Meghan felt suicidal during her first pregnancy – and how her confession that she wanted to end her own life was a wake-up call that something needed to change for the couple.

Prince Harry The me You Can't see
Credit: ITV

The birth of Lilibeth Diana!

Harry and Meghan announced that Lilibet, a first sibling for Archie, was born on June 4 2021 at 11:40 a.m “in the trusted care of the doctors and staff at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, California”. She weighed 7lbs 11oz (3.5kg).

Meghan and Harry said on their Archewell website: “On June 4, we were blessed with the arrival of our daughter, Lili. She is more than we could have ever imagined, and we remain grateful for the love and prayers we’ve felt from across the globe. Thank you for your continued kindness and support during this very special time for our family.”

Read my blog post with all the details here

Lilibet Diana
Credit: Archewell

The release of “The Bench”

Just four days after Meghan and Harry welcomed Lili into the world, Meghan released her children’s book The Bench.

Meghan said in a statement ahead of the book’s release that the story was inspired by the close relationship between Harry and Archie.

While this poem began as a love letter to my husband and son, I’m encouraged to see that its universal themes of love, representation and inclusivity are resonating with communities everywhere. In many ways, pursuing a more compassionate and equitable world begins with these core values. Equally, to depict another side of masculinity—one grounded in connection, emotion, and softness—is to model a world that so many would like to see for their sons and daughters alike. Thank you for supporting me in this special project.

Meghan The Bench 2021

The Princess Diana Statue unveiling

Harry was back in the U.K at the beginning of July, for a ceremony in Kensington Palace’s redesigned Sunken Garden to unveil a statue of the late Princess Diana. The statue – which was originally commissioned in 2017 on the 20th anniversary of her death – was revealed at an afternoon ceremony on what would have been Diana’s 60th birthday.

Read my blog post from the day for all details.

The Princess Diana Statue unveiling
Credit: Alamy Stock Photos

Meghan turned 40!

Meghan celebrated turning 40 in 2021 by asking people from around the globe to spend 40 minutes mentoring women re-entering the workforce.

In a video, with actor Melissa McCarthy sharing the announcement Meghan said the mentorship, known as “40X40,” would encourage people to help women “regain confidence and rebuild their economic strength.”

My blog post covering the celebrations is here! Have a read!

Meghan Turning 40
Credit: Archewell

Meghan and Harry made it on Time ‘100 Most Influential’ List 2021

Meghan and Harry graced the cover of Time magazine’s annual 100 most influential people in the world September 2021 issue. The list also included singers Billie Eilish and Britney Spears, and Olympic gymnast Simone Biles.

In a profile about Harry and Meghan, chef Jose Andres spoke about the drive that motivates both of them. Read it in my blog post here.

Meghan Harry Time ‘100 Most Influential’ List

Meghan and Harry take New York by storm!

Meghan and Harry were in New York in what we can call their first major public outing since leaving the British monarchy and moving to California last year. Meghan and Harry were in New York to make a personal appearance at the Global Citizen Live event to push for an equal Covid-19 vaccine roll-out – but they didn’t make it just about that at all! With a private sightseeing visit hosted by the city’s mayor and governor, a tour of the 9/11 Memorial, a meeting with the US ambassador to the UN, and a visit to Harlem public school for an outdoor reading event, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex took New York by Storm!

It all culminated at the Global Citizen Live event, where Meghan and Harry took the stage to share an important message about vaccine equity. “Every single person on this planet has a fundamental right to get this vaccine — that’s the point, but that’s not happening,” Markle said. “And while in this country and many others, you can go almost anywhere and get vaccinated, billions of people around the world cannot.”

Read my blog post covering the event here!

Meghan Harry Global Citizen Live 2021
Credit: Global Citizen Live

Meghan reads the Bench

Meghan brought her own writing to life in 2021, reading her New York Bestseller book “The Bench” for the Brightly Storytime channel. Looking relaxed surrounded by her beautiful garden in Santa Barbara, Meghan introduced herself as the Duchess of Sussex and expressed why her children’s book was “extra special” – thanks to the illustrator Christian Robinson.

Read my blog post for all details and link to the video.

Meghan Markle Brightly Storytime channel 2021
Credit: Brightly Storytime channel

Meghan and Harry are in New York again!

Just a couple of months after their first visit, Meghan and Harry traveled back to New York in November 2021 to spend some very busy days. Meghan discussed her efforts to enforce paid family leave in America at New York Times Dealbook Online Summit, she joined Harry for the Salute To Freedom Gala held at Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum and visited a New Jersey Military base to mark Veterans Day 2021. Click on the links to read the blog posts with all details!

Meghan Harry Salute To Freedom Gala 2021
Credit: Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Meghan on The Ellen Show 2021

Meghan made her debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in November 2021! From discussing her secret date with Harry before they went public with their romance, to the family’s Thanksgiving plans and Halloween memories, Meghan gave us a sneak peek inside her life in California with her family.

Get all details in my blog post here

Meghan Markle the ellen show
Credit: The Ellen Show

Christmas Card 2021

The year culminated with the most adorable 2021 Christmas Card Meghan and Harry shared with the first image of Lilibet Diana.

“This year, 2021, we welcomed our daughter, Lilibet, to the world. Archie made us a ‘Mama’ and a ‘Papa,’ and Lili made us a family,” Harry and Meghan said in their card. “As we look forward to 2022, we have made donations on your behalf to several organizations that honor and protect families — from those being relocated from Afghanistan to American families in need of paid parental leave.”

Read my blogpost to get all details!

Meghan Harry Christmas card 2021
Credit: Archewell

I would love to hear your favorite Meghan moment of 2021 – comment below 🙂

With that said – Here’s to making more cherished memories in 2022! Happy New Year!


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  1. It was truly an amazing year for them I believe that a golden opportunity was lost by the Royal Family and there is no going back. Megan was never going to let go of who she is and that’s what they got wrong. Meghan is truly a caring person and has brought out the very best in Harry….. Together they are an Awesome Team.
    Archie and Lili are so lucky.

  2. Sophia, thank you for the 2021 on the Sussexes. The safe deliver of their daughter and winning the lawsuit did it for me. I wish them well in their philanthropic endeavors as well as healthy, loving , joyful and fulfilling lives. May 2022 bring you the same.

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  4. What a beautiful post!! Kudos Sophia for building this incredible and uplifting site!! While I only discovered it a short time ago I really enjoy reading past posts and look forward to reading all about the Sussex’s for years to come!!

  5. The Christmas card showing their lovely family was so touching. Archie is a carbon copy of his dad and Lillibet is so adorable.

  6. An eventful year for sure! Favorite event of the year is of course everything Lilibet, pregnancy announcement (I was not expecting one at all), birth announcement and first photo in that stunning family christmas card. Happy new year to you and yours and may 2022 be filled with Sussexes sightings lol!

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